University of Vienna, Ph.D. in Proteomics                                                  2010-2013

维也纳大学 博士学位   蛋白组药学方向  


University of Magdeburg, Master in Neurobiology                                      2007-2010

马德堡大学 硕士学位   神经生物学方向   


Peking University, Bachelor in Biochemistry                                               2003-2007

北京大学理学学士学位   生化学方向        




Founder, Health Biotech.                                                                 2016-current

豪思生物 创始人 


Health Biotech’s (“H.B.”) mission is to enrich the health and vitality of humankind (especially the Alzheimer's patients) through newly developed diagnostic tests and therapies. Using advanced proteomics platform, H.B. is developing and looking for biomarkers derived from blood and its components with a focus to improve early diagnosis of neurological and cardiovascular diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. H.B. is a leading proteomics central lab service provider in China, servicing top hospitals and diagnostics centers in Beijing. It provides comprehensive proteomical testing services in China and is considered as a leader in this field. Independent clinical proteomical diagnostic is an established market in U.S, Western Europe and Japan as well as other developed area. However in China, the market just started. H.B.’s aim is to import the well-established proteomical tests into China healthcare systems and to search for the new biomarkers base upon the largest and the fastest-growing diagnosed sufferers in China.


豪思生物同时还是一家技术领先的质谱组学实验服务供应商,服务于国内顶尖的医院和临检中心,提供全面的临床代谢组,酯组和蛋白组学检测服务,被认为是这一领域的领导者之一。独立的临床质谱组学诊断实验室(Clia Lab)在美国和欧洲等发达地区已经建立了成熟的体制和市场,而在中国才刚刚开始。豪思生物的目标是将西方成熟的检测项目和技术引进至国内的医疗体系中,同时将基于中国大量临床病例自主研发的创新检测国际化。

Principal Investigator, Tsinghua University                                       2014-current

清华大学 学术带头人


Established “LiLin Lab” in School of Medicine, Tsinghua University, answering the proteomics scientific questions, published more than 30 papers in international journals, including top international journals such like《Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 》,《Brain Structure Function》and《Proteomics》. Total impact factors:107; 8 patents.

2014年入选清华北大生命联合中心 “青年学者”项目, 在清华医学院建立了“栗琳 lab”解决蛋白组学问题并在国际知名期刊杂志中发表论文 30 余篇, 其中包括科学界权威杂志《美国国家科学院院刊》、《大脑结构功能》、 《蛋白组学》等,总影响因子达到 107。专利 8 件。

Assistant Professor, Medical University of Vienna


维也纳医科大学 助理教授                                                                                                                                           

Principal Investigator in Neuroproteomics Medical University of Vienna    2012-2015

维也纳医科大学 神经蛋白组学交叉学科负责人                                    

In charge of  a research team, which has six scientists and Ph.D students.                                

•管理由 6 名科学家和博士生组成的研究团队

Supervised all projects and trouble shootings.


Actively communicated with the team to facilitate the interaction and communication. 


Generated all project ideas in the department of neuroscience and designed and developed research projects.  


Scientific Consultant, RedBull GmbH.                                                 2009-2015

红牛公司 科学顾问                                                                                   

In charge of the development of cognitive enhancers.




1. Neurobiological mechanism of cognitive enhancers, especially for Alzheimer's disease


2. Molecular mechanism of antidepressants


3.Signalling pathways of protease phosphorylation in the brain


4. Molecular machinery of learning and memory


5. Biomarkers for diseases in the biological fluid




1. Member of the editorial board of 《 Amino Acid》(IF:3.914)2009-2014

《氨基酸》杂志 (IF:3.914)编辑委员会成员 2009 - 2014

2. Invited reviewer: Plos One, Neurochemistry International, Fontier in Neuroscience ,etc.

学术刊物特邀审稿人:公共科学图书馆期刊,国际神经化学, Fontier in Neuroscience杂志等。

3. President  of the international conference for Amino Acid, Peptides and Proteins The meeting was successfully held in Greece in 2008 (100 participants), in Austria in 2010 (500 participants), and in China in  2012 (350 participants)

两年一届的氨基酸,多肽和蛋白质大会主办方负责人。成功地在希腊 2008 (100 人参会), 奥地利 2010(500 人参会)和中国 2012(350 人参会)举办年会

4. Cover figure of the journal《Protein and Proteomics》(《Hippocampus》(IF: 5.492) No. 22, 2012)

杂志 Hippocampus (IF: 5.492) 2012 年 22 期 《蛋白及蛋白组学》专刊的特邀编委及封面人物



• Public health analysis about Asia-­Pacific region countries. 2005.4 The Philippines

• Binding mechanism of H5N1 influenza virus neuraminidase with ligands. 2007.8 Greece

• Structure biology personality drug design. 2007.9 France

• Proteins link to learning and memory. 2009.8 Austria 

• Proteomics study links to cognitive function. 2010.5 Brazil

• Generation and characterization of a specific polyclonal antibody against the mouse serotonin receptor 1A: a state-of-the-art recommendation on how to characterize antibody specificity. 2011.5 China

• Distinct set of kinases induced after retrieval of spatial memory discriminate memory modulation processes in the mouse hippocampus. 2012 USA

• Network of brain protein level changes in glutaminase deficient fetal mice. 2012 Spain

• Changes of several brain receptor complex levels in cerebral cortex of patients with Alzheimer disease-­probable new pharmaceutical target 2013 USA



Outstanding freshman                                                                                         2004


Outstanding student scholarship                                                                          2005                                                                                            


Outstanding student scholarship                                                                          2006                                                                                         


The best graduation thesis                                                                                    2007


Morgan Stanley Award for Young Scientist                                                          2008


OEMV Scholarship                                                                                              2009