Yuan Longping, 88, shares major Chinese science prize
Media Coverage     2017.07.25

Yuan Longping, known as the "world father of hybrid rice," has jointly won the life science section of the Future Science Prize with two other scientists.

"There is no limit to scientific research, and I still have a dream – which is hybrid rice going global and covering the whole world," Yuan said in a video address at the 2018 award ceremony in Beijing on Sunday.

"I hope hybrid rice can benefit people around the world and play a big role in enhancing world food security."

The 88-year-old agricultural scientist shared the prize along with Zhang Qifa and Li Jiayang for their pioneering work in breeding new rice varieties with high yield and superior quality.

Yuan said hybrid rice can feed an additional 70 million Chinese people every year, making huge contributions to ending hunger in the country.

Yuan is a pioneer in research into hybrid rice which he first developed in 1974.

Touted as "China's Nobel Prize" as both are privately funded, the Future Science Prize was instituted by a group of entrepreneurs and scientists in 2016 to honor top Chinese scientists in life science, physical science, mathematics and computer science.

(Top image: Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping. /VCG Photo)

(Source: China Daily)