Chairwoman, Red Avenue New Materials Group

Founder and Honorary Chairwoman, Red Avenue Foundation

Council (Honorary)——Denny ZHANG

Ms. Zhang Ning is Chairman of the Board of Red Avenue New Materials Group Co., Ltd. / Founder and Honorary Chairman of Red Avenue Foundation.

Ms. Zhang Ning an authority in the field of material development, she founded Red Avenue Group as the world's largest tire manufacturer of phenolic resin. Red Avenue has consecutively been the global leader in many tire-related chemical products. At the same time, she continues to pay attention to the sustainable development of various fields around the world. , Such as plastic pollution, integrated circuit development, renewable energy, etc., and is actively seeking solutions.

The Red Avenue Foundation founded by Ms. Zhang Ning is based on SDGS , which gathers the strength of outstanding entrepreneurs in various fields and is deeply involved in education, medical care, sustainable development and other fields. The foundation has supported several public welfare projects around the world, with more than one million beneficiaries.

Ms. Zhang Ning graduated from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and later obtained a DBA degree from Arizona State University.