Founding Partner, 5Y Capital

Council (Honorary)——Richard LIU

Mr. Richard LIU is the Founding Partner of 5Y Capital. His main investment focus include media, entertainment, consumer brands and services, cloud computing and enterprise, artificial intelligence, etc. Mr. Richard LIU led successful investments in JOYY、Xiaomi 、WPS、XPENG、Agora、Horizon Robotics, etc.

Investing with an entrepreneurial mindset, Mr. Richard LIU is often regarded by entrepreneurs as a co-founder rather than just an external investor. He was the first institutional investor during the inception of Xiaomi and played an instrumental role in every key aspect of the company’s early development. In addition, he was also the earliest investor in companies such as XPENG and Horizon Robotics.

Mr. Richard LIU is convinced that outstanding entrepreneurs possess a strong sense of non-consensus. Initially, their ideas may not be widely understood, but through innovation and collaboration, they can create remarkable social value. 5Y Capital is dedicated to discovering, empowering, and motivating the lonely entrepreneurs by providing all-around support, from spiritual guidance to business operations.

Mr. Richard LIU has received numerous national and international awards over the years. He was ranked on "The Midas List" by Forbes and awarded "Top100 Venture Capital Investors" by CB Insights, "China’s Top30 Influential Investors" by Fortune, "China’s Top100 Investors" by Zero2IPO, "China’s Top100 Venture Capital Investors" by China Venture, "Top100 Most Popular Investors among Entrepreneurs” by 36Kr. In May 2023, he was ranked fourth on Forbes’ Midas List - “The World’s Top Venture Capitalists”, marking his third consecutive year among the top five globally.

Mr. Richard LIU received his Master's degree from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Bachelor's degree from University of Science and Technology Beijing.