Chairman, GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc

Chairman and CEO, ChangXin Memory Technologies Inc

Council (Honorary)——Yiming ZHU

Yiming Zhu is the Founder, Chairman of GigaDevice Semiconductor  (Beijing) Inc, one of the world’s leading providers of flash memory and micro-controller IC products.  In 2005, Yiming co-founded GigaDevice in Beijing, China after holding senior technical positions at US memory companies. GigaDevice has emerged as the third largest supplier of SPI NOR Flash memory IC in the world and the largest memory IC design company in China. In 2013, GigaDevice launched China’s first 32-bit MCU based on ARM Cortex-M3.

Yiming currently holds more than 50 patents.

Yiming received his M.S from Tsinghua University and M.S.  from State University of New York at Stony Brook.