Research Scientist, Director of Immunology Platform

Assistant-Dean, Suzhou Institute of Systems Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

YOSIA——Yuting MA

Yuting MA received her PhD degree in Immunology from Université Paris sud 11, followed by post-doc trainings in INSERM, Institut Gustave Roussy, and Cordelier Research Center in Paris. To extend the pursuit of research in tumor immunology, she has established a laboratory in Suzhou Institute of Systems Medicine (SISM), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences since 2015. Her research focus is to decipher how multi-level stress responses (therapy-induced cellular stress responses and environmental stressor-induced psychological stress responses) modulate immune reactions. With the approaches of systems medicine, she aims to explore how various forms of stress responses and cell death modalities, including autophagy, apoptosis, necroptosis, ER stress, pyroptosis, and ferroptosis, modulate the immunogenicity of cancer cells and the immune contexture within the tumor microenvironment. In addition, her group in Suzhou aims to dissect the complex circuitries that link psychosocial distress to deleterious perturbations in the cancer-immune dialogue. Her continuous endeavors on these aspects led to 48 highly-cited publications in prestigious scientific journals (including Nat Med, Nat Rev Immunol, Science, Immunity, etc) and book chapters. Yuting took the roles of Immunology Platform Director and Dean Assistant overseeing external communications and collaborations. Currently, she also serves as a review board member of Curr Res Immunol and a reviewing editor of eLife. She is an elected committee member of the Society of Tumor Microenvironment and the Society of Tumor Metabolism, under China Anti-Cancer Association. She received several scientific awards including Chinese Young Women Scientist Awards (2019), Chinese Young Scientist Award for Cancer Research (2020).