Senior engineer of China National Environmental Monitoring Centre

YOSIA——Xiaowei JIN

Jin Xiaowei, Senior Engineer of China National Environmental Monitoring Centre. He is also Supervisor of Nanjing University and Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences. He is mainly engaged in watershed water ecological monitoring and assessment research. Hosted/participated in more than 20 projects. Research results have resulted in 10 technical guidelines and policies, more than 70 articles in peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Science, Environ Sci & Technol, Environ Int), 7 scholarly monographs and 9 patents. Meanwhile, he was the editorial board member of six academic journals, such as Environ Sci Eur, B Environ Contam Tox, and Journal of Lake Science. He has awarded one second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award from province and ministry, the first Youth Environmental Chemistry Award of Chinese Chemical Society, and the second Young Scientist Gold Awards of China Society of Environmental Sciences. He has also won the support of Beijing outstanding talent training program.