Professor of School of Physics, Peking University

YOSIA——Xueqing YAN

He has been engaged in the research of laser acceleration and  high brightness radiation sources, and has devoted himself to the research  and application of proton cancer radiotherapy and diagnosis, advanced  X/gama-ray sources, fusion energy and high energy density physical diagnosis.  For the first time in the world, the acceleration method of laser  photocompression phase-stable and the new method of critical density  "laser plasma lens" have been put forward and realized, and  0.6 GeV carbon ions have been observed successfully, breaking the energy  record of carbon ions driven by femtosecond laser. The first laser proton  accelerator facility in the world has been built, which can produce 1% energy  dispersive, 10 pC and 1-15 MeV adjustable high brightness proton beams  stably. It is the first time that laser acceleration has been achieved across  the laser accelerator. Ultra-miniature laser accelerators are expected to be  used in medical, material science, space physics and fusion energy applications.  It is of great significance to promote the development of related disciplines  and industries. Laser accelerator has been selected into the 14th five-year  scientific facilities projects of the Ministry of Education, which will lay a  technical foundation for the 14th five-year scientific facilities of the  National Development and Reform Commission, Laser driven Multi-beam Facility.