Investigator, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Dr. Wen Zhou is an investigator at the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and a member of the State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Science. She completed her undergraduate training at Peking University, where she received her BS in Psychology in 2004. She obtained her MA and PhD in Psychology in 2007 and 2009 from Rice University. Wen employs a combination of psychophysical testing, physiological recording and brain imaging techniques (e.g., EEG, fMRI) to study human olfaction. Specifically, she works on 1) The properties of human olfactory perception; 2) The extent to which human chemosignals are processed and recognized and their influence on human behavior; 3) The interplays between olfaction and other sensory and emotional systems. Her research appears in journals including PNAS, Current Biology, eLife, Cerebral Cortex, Journal of Neuroscience, and Psychological Science, and has captured the attention of mainstream media outlets such as Daily Mail, Time, and New York Times.