Microsoft, Principal Researcher


Lei Zhang is a principal researcher and research manager of the computer vision research group of Microsoft Cloud & AI. Prior to this, he has worked with Microsoft Research Asia for 12 years as a senior researcher, leading a research team working on visual recognition, image analysis, and large-scale data mining. His years of work on large-scale, search-based image annotation has generated many practical impacts in multimedia search, including a highly scalable solution of duplicate image clustering for billions of images. From 2013 to 2015, he moved to Bing Multimedia Search as a principal development manager, helping develop cutting-edge solutions for web-scale image analysis and recognition problems, including image caption generation and high precision image entity linking. Lei is an IEEE Fellow and a senior ACM member, and has served as editorial board members for IEEE T-MM, T-CSVT, and Multimedia System Journal, as program co-chairs, area chairs, or committee members for many top conferences. He is the author or co-author of 150+ published papers in fields such as multimedia, computer vision, web search and information retrieval, and holds 50+ U.S. patents for his innovation in these fields.