Initiator and Secretary General, Future Forum

Co-founder and Executive Chairman, New Alliance Consulting International

Council (Honorary)——Cathy WU

Cathy Wu is the founder and president of New Alliance Consulting International, one of the leading financial communication consulting firms in China. With more than 20 years of experiences in public affairs and brand marketing, she is highly praised as the champion who shaped the PR business in China. 

Together with top investors, entrepreneurs and scientists, Cathy established the Future Forum in 2015. The Future Forum is non-profit organization which aims to promote fundamental science and scientists in greater China. As of today, it has become a full-blown brand with four distinct products, namely the Future Science Prize, the Future Lecture Series, Closed-door Open-mind Seminar and the Future Forum Annual Conference. 

The Future Lecture is a monthly-hold public lecture. scientists are invited to share their insights and vision and have dialogue with industrial experts and entrepreneurs, so as to spread and inspire scientific spirits of the public.

The Future Science Prize is the first private science prize in Mainland China. The Future Forum views the Prize as an innovative way to bring more private funds to promote scientific research activities in China and to use innovative and scientific spirits to affect China, the world and the next generation. The first laureates have been released on Sep.19 2016. The award ceremony is scheduled on Jan 14-15 2017.