Chairman of the Investment Committee, Hua Capital

Council (Honorary)——Datong CHEN

Mr. Chen Datong earns his Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degrees at Tsinghua University. And He is engaged in postdoctoral research first at Illinois University in America and later at Stanford University. 

In 1995, Mr. Chen Datong co-founded OmniVision Technology Company with others in Silicon Valley. The company developed the first single chip colorized CMOS image sensor in the world and it came into the market on NASDAQ in America in 2000. In 2001, Mr. Chen Datong co-founded Spreadtrum Communication Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. This company developed successfully the first core chip of TD-SCDMA (3G) mobile phones in the world which won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress in 2006 and also appeared on the market of NASDAQ in America in 2007. 

Since 2008, Mr. Chen Datong has been the investment partner of Northern Light Venture Capital Co., Ltd. While, in the beginning of 2008, he founded WestSummit Capital Investment Co., Ltd. At present, Dr. Chen Datong holds 34 US and European patents and he won the grand prize of national invention and entrepreneurship in 2006. Now he is the director of Education Foundation at Tsinghua University, the director of China Association of Inventions and the executive director of China Semiconductor Association. Besides, previously he was the chairman of Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club.