Development and frontier of new generation programmable computer network
YOSIA Webinar     2019.01.10
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The production and life of modern human are inseparable from the computer network. From personal entertainment and social network to e-commerce and scientific computing, computer network affects all aspects of modern society. The Internet services we use every day are supported by the underlying computer network equipment and systems. With the end of Moore's law, which has supported the development of computer industry in the past decades, computer academia and industry pay more and more attention to the design and innovation of special chips, such as special image processing chips and artificial intelligence chips. In this context, the network chip and its upper system hardware and software are also undergoing a revolution. The fixed design of traditional network chip can not meet the needs of computer network with the rapid development of Internet services. The new generation of network chips greatly improves the flexibility of programming without sacrificing performance. Network researchers can develop novel network protocols on the basis of programmable network chips to build more efficient, robust and secure networks. In this session, we will introduce the development and frontier of the new generation of programmable computer network, and discuss the relationship and influence between the innovation of underlying network chip and system and our daily use of Internet services.


Kai CHEN, Associate Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Member of Future Forum YOSIA

Keynote Speech

Xin JIN, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, Member of Future Forum YOSIA


-Qun HUANG, Associate Researcher of Advanced Computer System research Center, Institute of Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences
-Baiqing LI, Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong
-Dan LI, Associate Professor of Tsinghua University

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