Gordon GAO: Lawyers’ expectations on AI
Future Lecture Series     2016.09.10
Lecturer Profiles

Gordon GAO

Partner, Fangda Partners

Dr. Gao specializes in litigating all types of intellectual property disputes in China including complex patent litigation, large-scale high technology trade secret disputes, trademark and copyright disputes and anti-monopoly cases concerning IP rights. Before joining Fangda, Dr. Gao worked as team leader for China IP practices with major international law firms for over 10 years. He has advised clients on numerous well-known cases. Dr. Gao has advised clients in more than 10 cases on appeal to the PRC Supreme Court on trade secret and patent infringement issues. Chambers Global-the World’s Leading Lawyers for Business ranked Dr. Gao as a top IP lawyer from 2007 to 2015.Dr. Gao is the co-author of a treatise “Intellectual Property Rights in China” (Westlaw, Business Laws of China). Advised Watson Pharmaceutical Inc. in Ely Lilly v. Watson Pharmaceutical, the first Supreme People’s Court Model IP case heard on the International IP Day of April 24 2015. The Supreme People’s Court reversed a judgment of RMB 151 million as a result of Fangda Team’s hard work. Advised Michael Jordan in Jordan v. Qiaodan Sports, the second Supreme People’s Court Model IP case, heard on the International IP Day of April 24, 2016.  This case is under review.

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Advances in artificial neural networks and deep learning have made artificial intelligence moving from science fiction to reality. ‘AlphaGo’ " beats Lee Sedol, suggesting that artificial intelligence has finally moved on to one of the last places where human intelligence has prevailed, even surpassing the expectations of its most optimistic experts. Artificial intelligence can be differentiated by subtle differences to change the diagnosis of diseases in thousands of patients. It can improve gr