Ouyang Qi: The Concept of Scientific Re-Cognitive
Future Lecture Series     2016.07.23
Lecturer Profiles

Qi Ouyang

Professor of Peking University

Qi Ouyang, Professor of Peking University, member of Chinese Academic Science. Associate director of the School of Physics. Ph.D. at the University of Bordeaux I, France. 1989-1998, post-doc at University of Texas at Austin,research scientist the Institute of Nonlinear Dynamics in Nice, France and at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, US, respectively. 1989,Professor at Peking University. The main areas of research interesting include nonlinear dynamics, systems biology, synthetic biology and cryo-EM structure biology. 

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Science since the introduction into China has become a hot debate, and its definition has different levels of interpretation. Professor Ouyang Qi will set off from a physicist's perspective, with the physics and mathematics research results, to explore the definition of science and its importance, with theories and methods closer to the real world to explain the social and life of the various phenomenon. At the same time, lead us to correctly handle the relationship between science and technolog