Wu Guosheng: The Origin of Science
Future Lecture Series     2016.04.17
Lecturer Profiles

WU Guosheng

Professor & Director, Center for History and Philosophy of Science in Peking University

Dr. Wu Guosheng, Professor and Director of Center for History and Philosophy of Science in Peking University, was born in September 5, 1964 at Hubei Province.  He graduated from Department of Geophysics with Bachelor of Science, Peking University in 1983, and graduated from Department of Philosophy, Peking University with Master of Philosophy in 1986. After graduation, He entered Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) to be a research fellow at the Department of Philosophy of Science and Technology.  In 1998, He got Doctor’s Degree of Western Philosophy from Department of Philosophy, Graduate School of CASS. Since 1986, He has been focusing his work on three fields, The Intellectual History of Science, Phenomenology of Science and of Technology, and Science Communication.  He did some topical research on a series of concepts such as Nature, Universe, Time, Space, etc. He was the Vice President of Chinese Society for the History of Science and Technology.

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"Science" is the first embodiment of the Western "humanistic spirit", focusing on the freedom of learning; therefore, it has been considered as a human cultural phenomenon. In the modern times, between "science" and “humanities" have emerged a split and opposing situation. Is it the result of the separation of the internal theory? Or the results of excessive division in the education system? Where is the origin of science? Chinese and Western civilization were glorious for thousands of years, bu