Zhao Yong: Let the computer understand the world
Future Lecture Series     2014.10.22
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CTO, Deep Glint

Dr. Yong Zhao is an entrepreneur and senior scientist on computer vision and computational photography. He received his PhD degree from Computer Engineering division of Brown University. Dr. Zhao founded Deep Glint at 2013 in Beijing. Currently he serves as the CTO of the company. Prior to Deep Glint, Dr. Zhao was senior researcher of Google research lab at Mountain View, CA. During his tenure at Google, he was among a few engineers who co-created project Wingman, later renamed as Google Glass. He was also one of the primary contributors to the multimedia filter framework of Android OS, as well as the exploration of Google’s GPU datacenter for large scale image processing tasks. 


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Four or five years ago, when I was working in Google, we imagine what is the future like? At that time the smart phone is very popular, but we were thinking about what is after smart phone? We must assume that any technology will be eliminated one day. What kind of technology will kick out smart phone?