Sogou CEO

Council (Honorary)——Xiaochuan WANG

Wang Xiaochuan, formerly SVP and CTO of Sohu, is currently CEO of Sogou. In 1994, Wang utilized Wu’s elimination method to complete a proof of elementary geometric propositions for the first time using a microcomputer. In 1996, he received a gold medal at the 8th International Olympiad in Informatics ("IOI"). Wang holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Technology, and an Executive MBA from Tsinghua University.

At Sogou, Wang has led the development of several innovative products, including Sogou Input Method and Sogou Search. Products that Wang has worked on now reach more than 500 million users, reshaping China’s internet industry. In recent years, Wang has been at the forefront of the practical application of AI technologies, including the research and development of speech, image recognition and translation technologies. Today, Wang has led Sogou to become China’s fourth largest internet company in terms of MAU. 

In 2014, Wang received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ (EOY) China Award. In 2015, he received first place at the Beijing Science and Technology Awards for innovation in internet technologies and applications based on swarm intelligence. In 2016, Wang received the CCF Computer Entrepreneur Award, and he was also named Co-Director of the Tiangong Intelligent Computing Research Institute at Tsinghua University. In 2017, Wang was appointed as a member of the Advisory Board of Tsinghua University for Computer Science. In 2018, Wang received the China Youth May 4th Medal. In 2018, Wang received the China Youth Science and Technology Award.